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Love & Ruins

Love & Ruins



Author : SarahB

Publisher : Radish


Fast forward a couple of years later, Maggie is gone and Evan is still trying to figure out what went wrong. Heartbroken and confused, Evan tries to move on knowing that the first girl he genuinely fell in love with is wandering around the world somewhere, not knowing he's still hung up on her. He doesn't know where she is and at one point, gave up trying to find out. But just when he's finally decided to let go of the past did she somehow come back into his life, bringing back feelings and memories he's more than desperate to want to reclaim. But as always, when it comes to the two of them, things aren't always that easy. With a father who's constantly on the lookout to sabotage any chance for them to reunite as well as a past flame who's more than ready to reignite a fire so strong it would only inevitably tear them apart, chances of them ever being together again is bound to be tarnished. But Evan is persistent. So what if there were to be fire? Let there be fire. For he will fight for the girl who burned his heart and left him in love and in ruins.