Love's Sacrifice: A Second Chance Christian Romance Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Love's Sacrifice: A Second Chance Christian Romance

Love's Sacrifice: A Second Chance Christian Romance



Author : Evangeline

Publisher : Radish


A New Job. A Whirlwind Romance. An Elopement. But what happens when it all falls apart? Avery Loggins had no one to depend on but herself. She learned a long time ago that her mom couldn’t be trusted to keep her word, and she’d never had the love of a father. When she landed a job at a popular diner assisting the very handsome but surly chef, Dean Galloway, she only had three rules: Always stay one step ahead of whatever he needed (basically keep the beast happy), treat the man who was used to accolades and lots of attention like any other Joe, and last of all, no googly eyes. Ever. One night out on the town led to feelings both Avery and Dean never expected, and before they knew what happened, they were both smitten and saw forever in each other’s eyes. But when Avery couldn’t let go of insecurities about her family background, she left Dean with little more than a note to say goodbye. It wasn’t until they both learned the meaning of sacrifice that they were able to put it all on the line and find the kind of love that lasts a lifetime. Love’s Sacrifice is a Contemporary Christian Romance.