Lovely Darkness: The Cambions Book 1 Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Lovely Darkness: The Cambions Book 1

Lovely Darkness: The Cambions Book 1



Author : MLGonzales

Publisher : Radish


"My life has changed in so many ways, it's unbelievable. And I feel like it's about to get worse. There will be more mental, physical and emotional changes. I’m afraid the one within will emerge and claim me in the process. Everyone I love and care about will get hurt and maybe die." Seventeen-year-old, Jessica Vasquez's, life changed the day she found the bodies of her loving grandparents. Not only did her nightmares worsen, she tried to deal with the changes of her body and her craving for her favorite boy, Fabian. Her cold-hearted mother, Delilah, abandons her, leaving Jessica to fend for herself. But when she finds an intruder, Lucian Mason, in her favorite hideaway, Jessica's life is sent down a completely different path. Through "Lovely Darkness," Jessica discovers why the changes of her body are happening, why her mother loathes her, and why Lucian is there to protect her from a demon who wants to claim her.