Lovely Shadow: The Cambions Book 3 Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Lovely Shadow: The Cambions Book 3

Lovely Shadow: The Cambions Book 3



Author : MLGonzales

Publisher : Radish


I can feel the drug travel through my veins. At first it passes as ice cold, and then warms immediately. The one within quiets down as I calm. She's not gone, but we're both eased within seconds. Jeremiah removes the needle and keeps my arm in hand. “It would be intriguing to see what you can do to Yesinia, my darling, but I need you now.” My vision of him becomes a bit blurred and my voice sounds far away when I say, “What did you drug me with?” Jeremiah places his bottom on the empty spot of the table beside my plate. His eyes are not red, but amber just like I remembered. His face is smooth, smile as charming as ever. “It’s not to control you,” he says. “It is only to reduce your aggression.” Slowly my brows met, “Was I aggressive?” I ask not recalling being hostile. Jeremiah pulls on my arm, bringing me closer and whispers into my ear, “When you are joined with me, nothing would please me more than to see you destroy others because you do not want anyone else to touch me.” I calmly say, “I don’t want to be united with you, Edmond.” Edmond . . . that is his name, right? “So now that I have you in this perfect state of ease, I would like to know if you were courted by the Incubus in New York.” The Incubus in New York? Yes, I do remember an Incubus in New York. He was assigned to watch over me. And he did a very good job. He lifted me up when I felt low. He brightened my night when I was surrounded by darkness. Not able to help it, I smile, “Yes, yes, I was involved with the Incubus,” I answer. “His name is Caleb.” “You mean was.” “Was?” I ask confused. Why would I say was? How does Jessica end up back in the clutches of Jeremiah? Will she be able to escape? Read to find out!