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Loving the Mountain Man

Loving the Mountain Man



Author : Adriana

Publisher : Radish


A woman on the edge… Christa Evans is having a rough night. She’s lied to and harassed, then she loses her job. And that’s before the crash that sends her car careening to the bottom of a cliff. She’d be dead if not for the big, bearded recluse who pulls her from the wreckage and carries her back to his cabin in the woods. The quintessential loner… Wounded hero Micah Graham has no time for visitors. So, when he brings home the woman who nearly died on his mountain, he’ll take her in, but he doesn’t plan to let her stay. Then the storm hits. Heating up the Holidays...together While the snow piles up, trapping the two strangers together in the middle of nowhere, Christa and Micah find common ground in the attraction burning between them, proving that not only do opposites attract, they combust. As things come to a head, the question is: What happens once the ice melts?