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Make a Move

Make a Move



Author : Meika

Publisher : Radish


Nate Kim has it all. A successful comic book career, a booming business, awesome friends and family. Except, his younger brother just got married, and his older brother just announced baby number three. And...well, Nate has never been close to any of that. Literally. Every time a girl finds out he’s never, uh, been intimate, she hightails it in the other direction. What’s a thirty-one-year-old virgin to do? Enter Birdie Oliver. She’s a razor-sharp tattoo artist with no ink of her own, who’s mastered the art of avoiding forever. She didn’t mean to make out with Nate Kim. And she DEFINITELY didn’t mean to like it so much. After all, she learned years ago that saying yes meant losing parts of herself. That’s SO not happening again. No matter HOW good those kisses were. One drunken night ignites something neither of them expected, but there’s one problem: Birdie doesn’t know Nate’s secret. Will Nate’s V-card send Birdie running, or will she be the one to finally make a move?