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Marcello Mafia Series

Marcello Mafia Series



Author : Belle

Publisher : Radish


"Are you going to kill me?" She asked, trying to make her voice sound strong. However, Luca simply laughed, darkly. "Scared now? Bella?" He kept his tone low, it made the fear inside of her rise. He smiled before he took another sip of his whiskey. "I thought you could handle yourself?" Hayley cringed as she remembered how confident, bold and brave she had been towards him. That was before he admitted he was a mob boss before she heard him kill three people. But then Hayley shook her self and pulled herself together. If he was going to kill her why stop with the bravery now? She might as well go out bold, confident and without showing her fear. **************************************** Hayley has found herself in the underground of New York City, she's hidden, happy and doesn't want to be found. Luca Marcello is the Mafia Boss, cold and cruel, he has no time for a feisty British girl. But their paths cross, his dark side wants her, but he knows he will only hurt her. Hayley has to fight with doing what's right and loving him, soon she is about to learn the hard way that Luca Marcello is impossible to love. PLEASE NOTE: ITALIAN will have ENGLISH translations. Anything spoken in RUSSIAN will be in bold English language, as this is harder to translate. Thank you. Contains: Sex, Violence, swearwords and all the things you should only read with a mature mind.