Married to the Billionaire Part 1 Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Married to the Billionaire Part 1

Married to the Billionaire Part 1



Author : Nene

Publisher : Radish


Sequel to The Billionaire's Proposal Nyla is thrown in a loop when her ex- boyfriend who had broken up with after seven years of being together is now back in town. Nyla is confused as her ex, Eric who is hell bent on destroying her relationship and trying to ignite feelings that he knows is still buried deep inside her is now back to stir up trouble but he isn’t the only one. Persons you think you can trust the most are the ones who are first to betray you. Kyle, Nyla husband suspects something is going on between the old lovers and when he gets proof, he tries every trick in the book to get her to tell him the truth. But does Nyla even care? Or is she too afraid to lose the man that has now captured her heart? Or is Kyle misreading the situation? Find out what happens when secrets are reveal, truths are told and bombshells are dropped.;