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Meet Me in Secret

Meet Me in Secret



Author : Kelly_Collins

Publisher : Radish


Lucas Byrne believes in love at first sight, and when he sees Joss, he knows she’s the one. He’s willing to do just about anything to get close to her, even if it means helping her attempt to get her cheating ex-boyfriend back. Giving her a place to stay, and skills to claim her man, he patiently hopes she will realize they are perfect for each other. But what if his risk doesn’t pay off? Joss is certain of two things: that she is completely unattractive to the opposite sex and she is destined to be alone. But maybe being alone is a good option since all the men in her life have turned out to be liars. When she meets Lucas, and he promises to help her get her love back, he has her wondering if he will turn out to be a true friend or prove to be another in a string of unreliable, untrustworthy men. Will Joss finally see what she’s looking for has been in front of her all along?