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Melt Me Miles

Melt Me Miles



Author : SCinders

Publisher : Radish


Melt Me Miles - BOOK 6 Rakes vs. Wallflowers Lady Henrietta Moberly is tired of living under her mother's thumb. She is tired of being treated like a child. Moreover, sick of having her every move analyzed and criticized. Hetty is eighteen years old, a woman in her own right, and wants to be treated as such. In a fit of pique, she flees her home only to become lost on the streets of London. Lord Miles Chambers is hiding out from the matchmaking mommas of the ton. He would prefer to live in the country, but his world traveling parents have chosen now to put down roots. With his mother urging him to wed, Miles escapes to London. Walking home from the club, Miles encounters a very solitary Henrietta. His first impulse is to run. However, his conscience will not let him leave her wandering about in the rain. Trying to do a good deed, he soon finds his chivalry shoved back in his face. Sparks fly and tempers explode as these two fight for dominance. Who will win and who will concede? That truly is the question. Melt Me Miles is the sixth and final book of The Rakes vs. Wallflowers Series.