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My Best Friend's Royal Sister

My Best Friend's Royal Sister



Author : NanaMalone

Publisher : Radish


Once upon a time, I threw a princess over my shoulder and carried her out of a bar fight. Jessa has carried that grudge ever since. Hates my guts. She's uncooperative on her best days. Feisty. Stubborn. It's adorable. Not a word I'd ever tell my best friend, of course. Because she's his little sister. The plan was royally simple. Go undercover and protect her. It should have been the easiest assignment of my life, but she is determined to cause trouble. The stakes are too high to mess this up. The monarchy is at risk. And so is my heart. This story is part of a trilogy. Story #1: Undercover Bodyguard to a Prince Story #2: An Alpha Prince Meets his Match