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My Broken Soul

My Broken Soul



Author : Liscine

Publisher : Radish


Michelle is a young troubled teen, just like everyone else. She also has a little more issues, like her abusive and pedophilic father and her neglecting mother leaving her with the responsibility of taking care of her little sister, Sam. But through all of this she has a best friend Jax who's cousin just moved in to live with him. Dymitri is an upbeat and quite annoying character, seeming to take an interest in the conservative Michelle. Then not only does Micelle get fired from one of her jobs she gets fired from both. Leaving her low on money that she desperately needs. And Dymitri has the solution to her problem. One that might not be very legal. Read as Michelle battles with friendship, trust, family, and love. ~ "Why did the chicken cross the road, Michelle?" I looked up at Dymitri with narrowed eyes. This joke was so old. "To get to the other side," I stated with a bored tone. He shook his head at me, chuckling. "The chicken crossed the road because it wanted to. Sometimes you need to do what you want to, Michelle."