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My Husband Is A Beast

My Husband Is A Beast



Author : Marian Tee

Publisher : Radish


The world has changed. Werewolves have joined celebrities and billionaires in the A-list. Vampire attacks are reported on TV. And everyone wants to know...will Estrella Moretti forever remain abandoned by her Fae prince husband? Two years ago, an innocent and very much infatuated Estrella Moretti received a letter from the one and only man she had ever loved. And in this letter, Fae prince Lysander Allard asked her to be his wife. Upon returning from a dangerous mission that nearly cost him his life, Lysander was no longer man or Fae. Instead, he had become something monstrously powerful, a prince with a beast for a soul...along with a strange, possessive need to claim and mate with his young and beautiful wife. Estrella was everything Lysander had foreseen her to be and more...until he found out that she was only pretending to love him for his throne. Note: Expect this book to be steamy, funny, action-packed...just before turning into quite the tearjerker in the end. No cliffhangers, HEA guaranteed!