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My Nora

My Nora



Author : Holley

Publisher : Radish


When painter Manora Fredrickson left Baltimore for a fixer-upper located in her ancestral North Carolina, she figured she’d be getting away from the distractions of the city: the noise, the crime, the event invitations…and her ex-husband. Happy to be a recluse at age twenty-eight, all Nora wants to do is paint and lick her wounds. Enter Matthew Vogel. His land abuts Nora’s, and from the moment the consummate bachelor stops by her barn to find her dancing around like a Jersey City showgirl, he decides the spunky firecracker is the woman for him. Nora doesn’t agree, but she can’t get the brawny fisherman off her mind or her doorstep. As much as Nora is attracted to her charming neighbor, she thinks Matt deserves better than a curmudgeonly hermit. Her last marriage fell apart because of her commitment to her art. Matt wants to convince her it won’t happen again—not with him.