My Pomeranian is the Alpha Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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My Pomeranian is the Alpha

My Pomeranian is the Alpha



Author : Kate Lorraine

Publisher : Radish


"As for the love rival, I will kill him with friendship and kindness until he surrenders you to me," Derrick growled. "Because I am ruthless and you have no choice in the matter." **** Anna had a one-night stand two years ago with a handsome man who disappeared. She adopted an abandoned Pomeranian named Peaty not long afterward. One day, when she goes off the trail at a ski resort she is pursued by hungry wolves. As her dog protects her, he transforms back into his human form. He is actually a werewolf, not just any werewolf, he is a cruel, vicious, Alpha werewolf who had decided to make her his mate! As Anna is imprisoned by her mate, she discovers there is more to her pet's hobbies than Louis Vuitton carriers and Peter Luger steaks. He demands that she love him as a robust, warrior not just as a shopping buddy to take to the semiannual shoe sales at Bergdorf Goodman.