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No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached

New Adult


Author : Marie Long

Publisher : Radish


When a dangerous underground organization sets their sights on Tianna, a lone bodyguard is her only hope... Desmond Black worked the doors of the New York City clubs for five years as he struggled to escape the haunting nightmares of his younger sister’s death. One night, he takes his anger out on an unruly patron, ultimately costing him his job. While drowning his sorrows in whiskey, Desmond meets the mysterious and talented bass player, Tianna Gadson. Desmond senses there’s more to her than she’s letting on. The closer he gets to her, the more he realizes his feelings for her have become hazardous to them both — attracting the attention of a dangerous underground organization with its sights on Tianna and her family. Is Desmond willing to risk his life for Tianna? Or will he be forced to keep their relationship strictly business?