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Nocturne Whispers: Teaser

Nocturne Whispers: Teaser



Author : Jessica

Publisher : Radish


Lucian, an ancient vampiric warrior, betrayed Monrule, the vampire king, over fifty years ago when he spared the gnome royal family. As punishment, Monrule banished Lucian to the Solar Realm until he can prove his worth once more. He wanders around the world, seeking the portions where night lasts for months at a time. At last, Monrule has returned, but he requires Monrule to prove his loyalty by targeting, seducing, and then destroying Mithien. Mithien, a newly graduated child art therapist, has made many mistakes in life, resulting in the loss of her closest friends like Lumen. But she’s moved to Alaska in the hopes she’ll of a fresh start. But while the handsome stranger who shows up at her door seems to be everything she could want, she fears her old patterns may return and she’ll destroy the person she wants to be. Still…with his Italian accent and quiet charm, it’s hard to resist. Besides the winters in Alaska are long, dark, and cold. One more failed relationship is the worst that can happen. Right?