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Omegas for the Fae Kings

Omegas for the Fae Kings



Author : EvaLyra

Publisher : Radish


In the aftermath of the Great War, the Fae struggle as much with monsters spilling from the Breach as with infertility. Finding a fertile Bearer isn't easy, especially if you have the strong seed of a King... King Royan has just claimed the throne, and now needs to hurry to find a mate and produce an heir, in accordance with the Fae Emperor’s decree. Tradition has it that only High Elves can mate with a king, the top of the chain, the top alpha in the empire. But when Sasta, a Low Elf and monster hunter, comes to the palace, Royan finds himself drawn to the pretty Fae. Sasta doesn’t think he’s fertile - infertility being the curse of the Fae kingdom since the Great War shook the world - and certainly doesn’t think that his encounters with the handsome king might produce anything more than a few hours of pleasure. It is, then, with great surprise that he discovers he’s pregnant, right after the king leaves for a long journey looking for a suitable mate in the neighboring kingdoms. Convincing the grumpy Head of the Temple of the facts isn’t easy, and by the time the king returns, Sasta is convinced that, babies or not, the king probably doesn’t care for him at all. Little does he know that king Royan has been thinking about him all along, unable to be with anyone else because of his feelings for Sasta… *Follow these strong, alpha kings as they discover a gentleness inside them they never expected toward their unlikely, pretty omegas and their cute babies - and there will be many babies, just FYI ;) There are 5 independent novels loosely connected: His Hunter, His Servant, His Thief, His Priest, and His Guard.* Note: these stories are set in the elder Fae empire, about five hundred years before the present. The terms of omegaverse had not yet been established. Omegas are called Bearers, and Alphas are called Sires, and as this new gender separation is still new, it's not clear yet how to tell how one presents. Also, the Fae call themselves "Elves".