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On the Ropes

On the Ropes



Author : Holley

Publisher : Radish


Attorney Stephen Scott can’t take no for an answer…at least when it comes to one woman. He’s been after the Bermudian beauty Janette Hinton for a year. His former career as a boxer taught him to pull punches when it made sense, and Jan’s the kind of woman he’s willing to handle with kid gloves. He sees a spark in her that makes him want to settle down, even if for now she won’t give him the time of day. Looks and charm have never been enough to disarm Jan, and she was raised to keep her own counsel. Although Stephen is alluring and stokes a fire in her she’d love to have him tend, her upbringing left her wrung out and anxious. Accepting Stephen’s invitation to his beach home is her excuse to finally put the past behind her and explore the possibility of happiness. But when past traumas come back to haunt her, she has to choose her battles carefully. She’s tired on being on the ropes. Can she finally allow her patient fighter into her corner?