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Once Upon a Baby

Once Upon a Baby

New Adult


Author : SCinders

Publisher : Radish


In love with my brother's best friend, pregnant, and not with his baby. How did I mess my life up so badly? I see his face at night when I am alone inside my covers and I desperately need a release. I know it's wrong. He's my brother's best friend. But I can't help but picture his smile when my fingers slide across my abdomen and down into my panties. It's only a crush. That's perfectly normal... isn't it? But as the pleasure begins to build I picture other things. Things I wish that he was doing with me, to me. And that simple crush turns in an erotic dream and then I shatter. Wishing all the while that I was in his arms. My fingers slide out of my panties and across my rounding abdomen. This is the other reason that Cole and I can never be more than friends. Pregnant at seventeen, and refusing to state the name of the father. No, Cole and me, we just weren't meant to be. Once Upon a Baby is a YA/NA contemporary romance with adult language and situations.