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One Night Stands

One Night Stands



Author : SaintCaliendo

Publisher : Radish


University life can take a toll on you, and it was doing numbers on Mitch Grayson, a university student pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy. Mitch is a talkative, an overbearing person who's oblivious to when he overstepping boundaries, and as a result, he didn't have much of a love life until an interesting encounter at a local bar tossed him into the social circle of a younger man. Conner is an interior design student, and he's not sure what exactly drew him to the philosophy student without a bone of fun in his body. Conner feels Mitch is only good for nightstands but isn't sure where to draw the line. Things become personal, and the two experience an emotional attachment they weren't banking on at the start of their escapades.