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Only One I'll Have

Only One I'll Have



Author : Tmonique

Publisher : Radish


Sophie trusted Chay and he betrayed her. That’s what she believes, but what else could he do when she threatened suicide? Let her die? No. To protect the woman he loves, he erased her memories and replaced them with a lie. Without an ounce of remorse, his actions sealed their fates. He could never be a man to her woman, kiss her, lose himself in her sweet flesh as she finds her own pleasure in his arms. Willingly, he will stand on the sideline and watch her fall in love with someone else if it means she will live, even if it’s without him. But now she hates him. Was it worth it he asks himself when her memory returns and all he has is her fury to keep him warm? He’ll answer that question after he killed the demon stalking her.