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Paper Sails

Paper Sails



Author : em | 남 상아

Publisher : Radish


Eighteen-year-old Nari Queens plans to spend the entirety of her summer scooping ice cream at her brother Elliot's ice cream shop Sweet Treats and finding that elusive sense of home in the small town Oceana. Enter self-proclaimed pirate, Ace O'Malley. When Nari catches him frequenting the boats docked near the shop, she takes it upon herself to get him off the docks, offering him the chance to redeem himself: She won't call the police, if he spends the rest of his summer helping her out at Sweet Treats. From there stems a summer that neither of them ever expected. Secrets are revealed, stories shared, hardships relived, and adventures taken. Between them grows an unlikely bond—a love that hints at the guarantee of a forever. But if Nari knows one thing for sure, it's that love is fragile, and if you're not careful, it just might break.