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Partners in Crime

Partners in Crime



Author : Sky

Publisher : Radish


Mara Wilder is a renowned detective who has been hunting the leader of the Mafia for five years. After the death of her partner the year before, she has wanted nothing more than to bring down the crime chain, so when she finally catches the Mafia leader she has a plan to bring down his whole organisation. Dante Martinez is the infamous crime king of the city. When his latest deal gets busted by the police and he is taken captive, he knows his life is forfeit. Until the leading detective offers him a deal. Become her partner and help her bring down the crime chain in exchange for his freedom. The two despise each other, but they are determined to work together. But what happens when Mara realises the crime chain runs far deeper than she realised? Working together so closely is bound to raise sexual tension. Will the two give in to each other and the chemistry they feel blooming between them, or with their hatred run too deep?