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Pink Slip

Pink Slip



Author : KatrinaJackson

Publisher : Radish


The Agency is a super secret spy outfit with competent, deadly and horny spies trying to keep the world safe one harebrained scheme at a time. Season 1 starts with Monica and Lane, married spies with dangerous lives, but it's their personal assistant, Kierra, who brings them both to their knees. After three years of mutual lust, Kierra quits her job because she can't have her married bosses the way she really wants them: in bed. But on her last week of work, Monica and Lane need her in the field to help take down a corrupt Serbian dictator. While undercover as a rich couple and their pet, the three of them get to finally play out their fantasies for one another. But when the mission is over their desire hasn't disappeared and neither has the danger. In season 2 Monica and Lane take Kierra out on another mission, this time to Scotland where they meet a mysterious field agent named Carlisle. Together the team infiltrates a cult and celebrate the best way they know how. But Carlisle has a secret desire of his own. In season 3, Kierra's best friend and cheery camgirl, Maya, comes face-to-face with her favorite customer, Kenny, a spy who's been keeping secrets and now needs her help to bring down an arms dealer.