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Planning For Love

Planning For Love



Author : Christi Barth

Publisher : Radish


Lights, camera, love! Chicago wedding planner Ivy Rhodes is blindsided when a reality TV crew shows up at one of her weddings. They’re an intrusion ...and a complication, since the sexy cameraman’s a relentless flirt. Ivy follows his easygoing charm straight into the bedroom. Dealing with bridezillas was not what Bennet Westcott expected when a scandal cost him his career as a news videographer. But the gorgeous wedding planner on his latest assignment has him saying “I Do”... to a one-night stand.When he discovers Ivy’s a forever kind of girl, he walks away, breaking her heart. The show must go on... and the network wants Ivy to be the star. She signs the contract before learning the Casanova cameraman who shredded her heart into confetti will spend the next three months filming her. Suddenly Ben’s spending every day watching the woman he can’t resist, while Ivy wonders how to plan for a happily ever after when the guy you want doesn’t believe in love?