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Pregnant By The Enemy

Pregnant By The Enemy



Author : Elsa_Petite

Publisher : Radish


Everyone has a secret. Porsha Harris had two: She's a werewolf, and is the number one leading cause of death in her small town of Oaks. Also, she's in a family business. One that includes: Guns, violence, and a little bit of Grand Theft Auto. She belongs to one of the most ruthless, dangerous, and notorious gangs in North America. She would transform into a vicious wolf named Jasmine Rochelle and run the streets she calls home. Porsha was no different in college, having the picture perfect relationship with the student majoring to be an engineer Joshua Anderson. And has the University's player Princeton Ross wrapped around her finger. He might just be falling for her....again. Yes, Porsha Harris was nothing to play with until she got pregnant by her arch enemy. THIS STORY DEALS WITH WEREWOLVES AND GANGS.