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Pretty Girls Lament

Pretty Girls Lament



Author : Milo

Publisher : Radish


Romance author, Portia Downey, may be relatively new to writing, but her tantalizing, sexy salacious stories are flying off the shelves. There is one teensy problem. Portia is one hell of a butterball. "Chubby" is putting it lightly, especially since nothing about her is light. But the talk shows are calling for her, magazines want interviews, Portia's editor, the 'glamorous' Louise Marcos suggests sending a thin double. Since her concern is that people will read a story, but once Portia is seen, they won't believe in her stories. Instead, they'll picture some lonely fat woman devouring ice cream trying to deal with another day by living inside her imagination. While the editor's idea is brutal, Portia is not thrilled about having the world see her appearance.This way all she has to do is sit back, write more novels and let the money roll in while the publisher and 'the double' do all of the work. What could possibly go wrong?