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Pretty Little Fears

Pretty Little Fears



Author : sabs/sabi

Publisher : Radish


*EXPLICIT* When Victoria's fiancé admits to cheating on her, she has to make one of the hardest decisions of her life: forgive the man she's been with for five years, or leave him and start fresh. ...... Ian falls in love with Victoria after their first date. As their relationship progresses, the perfect illusion they've constructed around themselves starts to crumble when Ian begins to lash out of jealousy, and Victoria absorbs herself into her work. Now Victoria is forced to deal with Ian's infidelity. She has to confront her problems with him head-on, as well as the trauma that she's kept buried since her childhood. After running away from all her problems, it's finally time for Victoria to face all her pretty little fears. (NOT A STORY FOR THOSE LOOKING FOR A ONE DIMENSIONAL ROMANCE)