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Princess of the Ravens

Princess of the Ravens



Author : GiselleRenarde

Publisher : Radish


When a girl child is born to the king's new queen, his sons must flee or face imminent death. After many years in hiding, Verity tracks down her would-be brothers in a neighbouring kingdom. As gifts for the twelve men, she plucks twelve enchanted lilies from a witch's garden. Immediately, the men are turned to ravens. According to the enchantress' spell, Verity must not make a sound for seven years or her brothers will die. At once, Verity is found by a prince, who takes her home for his bride. His mother shows the young girl mercy by confining her to a tower for seven years. In that time, the raven Benjamin visits her daily. When they learn to communicate without words, Benjamin reveals a secret that allows their love to blossom. Will Verity escape the arrogant prince, or be forced to wed? How can a raven become her saviour?