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Punishing Miss Primrose Book 4

Punishing Miss Primrose Book 4



Author : Em Brown

Publisher : Radish


The punishment must end. To his dismay, Spencer Edelton, the venerable Marquess of Carey, has fallen in love with a whore. But Miss Beatrice Primrose is no common strumpet. She is a siren who enflames his desires and provokes him to do the most wicked, wanton things to her. After suffering the wrath of Lord Carey, Miss Beatrice Primrose wants more than a little revenge. But if she stays in his company, she risks revealing the truth of what happened between his family and hers. It is a truth she must keep secret from him at all cost. Spencer knows there is no future between them, and he must let Miss Primrose go before his brother returns to England. To safeguard her family—and her own heart—Beatrice must put as much distance between her and Lord Carey as possible. If only passions did not burn so hot…If only submission were not so seductive…nor punishment so sublime…