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Pyromaniac (Paused)

Pyromaniac (Paused)



Author : Emmelia

Publisher : Radish


A teenager, Moaida Kimbey, has the power of the elements. But she first developed fire, making her abilities with fire a lot more interesting than the others. Recruited by the government along with 3 others, they must stop super humans gone bad. Read on to see her journey through the elements, and her intense love for fire. "Why do you like the fire so much? Why is it the strength you rely on out of all of your powers?" He asks me, with genuine curiosity. "I like the way it burns on the top layer of my skin, just enough to feel something but not everything all at once. It reminds me I'm still here and alive. I can use it to fight my demons and light the path to a better day," I reply, with a soft smile upon my lips, sighing at the warmth of the fire within.