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Racing Hearts

Racing Hearts



Author : Kiersten Fay

Publisher : Radish


AN UNEXPECTED REUNION LEADS TO A SECOND CHANCE AT LOVE. Vin Highgard is shocked to find the former love of his life, luggage in hand, ready to board his ship, preparing for the infamous and universal racing competition, Phase Nine. He never imagined ever getting the chance to see her again, not after the terrible way they'd parted ways. Yet here she is. Can he mend her shattered heart and win her back? Priya Galian’s dream of running Phase Nine is nearly at hand. With a mysterious invitation to join a crew captained by her trusted friend, Aidan, Priya has quit her job and risked the long trek across space to seize the opportunity of a lifetime—only to come face-to-face with the man who, years ago, had so carelessly destroyed her heart. Now she must decide if the tattered appendage behind her ribs can withstand the perilous journey alongside Vin Highgard, or if she must once again walk away from everything she has ever longed for.