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Rebel Love

Rebel Love



Author : Jodi Linton

Publisher : Radish


Undercover cop, Cade Jackson is known for the dirty rap sheet he’s racked up while serving on the Houston PD—that’s why the chief asks him to infiltrate a motorcycle club to catch his partner’s killer. Vowing to bring justice no matter the cost. To gain a cover, Cade becomes the club’s mechanic, bringing him up close and personal with Em Connors, the sexy, jaded club president. His prime suspect. Stubborn and reckless, Cade is everything Em is avoiding, but when he blows her mind with a single kiss in her own garage, she’s taken aback by their instant chemistry. Despite her own warnings, Em is drawn to Cade’s protectiveness, and she’ll be damn if she doesn’t have him. Cade knows he shouldn’t trust anyone, least of all himself. But his desires for Em run dark and deep, and backing down has never been in his vocabulary. As their dangerous game of seduction becomes insatiable, he realizes giving Em up isn’t an option. But when Em discovers Cade is a cop hellbent on bringing down her club, can their forbidden relationship survive?