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Ride Or Die

Ride Or Die



Author : Xoxo

Publisher : Radish


Just when you thought it was over... It's been three years since Alana Santos in addition to her reported lovers, Zane Kilam and Amir Misra were pronounced dead after a tragic bombing incident brought them out of the hands of the law and into their demise. Or so... everyone thought. Meanwhile, the party of three are alive and well, relocated and hiding in plain sight amongst the people who have no clue of the monsters they invite into their homes. Old habits die hard for Alana, whose alias, Corinne keeps her in the loop and able to tap into the lives of everyone she's left behind. Only now she's got an advantage. Zane's devotion to her has made him blind and he'll do just about anything to vindicate having left her for so long, even if it means getting his hands a little dirtier... Now married, but still as possessive as ever, she'll do whatever it takes to keep Zane and Amir when a blast from the past appears on her radar and threatens to ruin everything she's worked so hard to get. Obsession never ends. It only gets worse. Just how much are you willing to do to keep the ones you love? Would you bleed for them? Would you die for them? Find out. (SEQUEL TO THE WRONG PLACE)