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Roach of the Dead

Roach of the Dead



Author : Mary Kit Caelsto

Publisher : Radish


Polite Musimagium society preferred death mages isolate themselves. It wouldn't do any good if word got out that mages exist who could pull the life force from someone, not when the organization's factions made enough bad press for them. And Vera loved her rustic cabin in the Ozark woods with her Madagascar Hissing cockroach, Jin, for a companion. A strange visitor coincides with her skills growing wild, and when two offers arrive to change her world, she's not sure where to turn. Teach death magic at the academy in Melody? And return to the Order that her mother fled from in fear? Vera really doesn't want to do any of those things, but the lives of mages, and her own, may hang in the balance. Because it's time for death magic to come out of the shadows.