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Rock, Paper...Scarlett

Rock, Paper...Scarlett



Author : LoveInThrees

Publisher : Radish


Rock, Paper...Scarlett On your mark - Scarlett Banks is the dictionary definition of go-getter. The woman works as a massage therapist at Body and Sole Beauty Bar and is looking for additional income. Her best friend, Jaxon Pierce, is the head bartender of the exclusive LGBT club, The Meat Market, and a sports trainer at Get Ripped Gym. The gruff, anti-social hunk was no match for Scarlett’s charm, so although he didn’t typically make time for things like friendship Scarlett wormed her way into his life and burrowed in. When The Meat Market falls under new management with owner, Parker Sawhill, Scarlett takes a dare from Jaxon to get the new owner to let her incorporate a mini beauty bar at the club. As always she’d gotten more than she’d bargained for when she got Parker as a roommate along with her new opportunity. Get set - Parker Milliron is a straight man running a gay bar…or so he thought, until he took a look at the lead bartender that came with the place. The man is big, mean and creeping into Parkers thoughts at inappropriate times. He didn’t think there was anyone who turned him on harder until he met the man’s best friend, Scarlett. He had lost weight, quit his job and started a new venture. This next stage of his life was supposed to be different, but he wasn’t expecting to be roommates with a beautiful woman with red hair, big ideas and a fantasy that he hadn’t known he’d wanted. Jameson Faust was screwed. First, his new boss and his best friend seem to have something going on and then it appears she wants to add him to their mix. Maybe he was dumb to put the two people he had a crush on together, but hindsight is 20/20. After a fire in his apartment building, he needed a place to stay. Scarlett wouldn’t take no for an answer when she and Parker had an extra room to spare. After that it was Zero to Naughty before he could say…GO.