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Rock Star Duet

Rock Star Duet



Author : Rachel Lacey

Publisher : Radish


A Hollywood star with everything to lose. A college professor who’s already lost it all. Their fling didn’t come with strings. But they forgot loose ends can get tangled… Pop sensation Katherine Hayes has worked hard to maintain her squeaky-clean image. But with unflattering photos going viral on the internet, the ensuing smear campaign threatens to ruin everything. A chance meeting with a handsome college professor—who’s adorably clueless about her identity—is a rare break from the stress. But when shocked recognition dawns in his eyes, her survival mechanism kicks in. She can’t simply let him walk away to add grist to the rumor mill. Josh Randall has already loved and lost his soulmate. Yet when he witnesses Kate in a vulnerable moment, he can’t deny the pull between them. Even though he believes down to his bones that true love doesn’t come twice in a lifetime. A no-strings fling sounds like the perfect solution. But Kate never expected Josh to see the woman hiding behind the celebrity—or that the paparazzi would catch on to their sizzling passion so quickly. Making it hard to keep their tangled emotions from tearing their hearts apart when it’s time to say goodbye…