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Roughshod Rollers MC Series

Roughshod Rollers MC Series



Author : Mia Ford

Publisher : Radish


Three handsome men. 
 Three steamy HOT romances. 

Life isn’t easy for either Grant, Ethan or Kyle.
 Their club, “The Roughshod Rollers” is under threat,
 And the only help they get from others is discrimination.
 So they rely on each other and hope for the better,
But it isn’t that easy.

 As they try to chase their own happiness, life gets more complicated… 
Allison would never want to commit herself to a biker. 
Jessica is already holding a kid in her arms.
 And, circumstances are stopping Georgia to be the mother to Lily.

 Well, these men will use all the strength to walk forwards…
 Even if it means fighting against the world to give themselves a complete family!