Royal Mates Academy (Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance) Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Royal Mates Academy (Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance)

Royal Mates Academy (Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance)



Author : Skylar Heart

Publisher : Radish


One clueless queen-to-be, five lovers waiting for her prophesied arrival. Before her vital first cup of coffee in the morning, Litha finds out she’s a witch and is transported to a magical world she had no idea existed. As if that wasn’t strange enough, it turns out that she’s prophesied to be queen, she is supposed to marry the 'true ruler' of the four kingdoms. Now she’s at the Lughnasadh Elite Academy and face to face with her four potential… kings? They’re all hot as hell and make her insides squirm each time she sees them. Bane, the werewolf prince, all broody and with hair sticking up like he just got out of bed. Kit, the incubus prince, whose wicked smile melts anyone’s unmentionables. Rune, the dragon prince, protective and with muscles like he’s a moving mountain. And last, but definitely not least, Finn, the fae prince, quiet but intense, with eyes like a summer forest. Only, when Litha finally meets her roommate, Phoenix, the only daughter of the highest priestess of the witches, things get even more complicated as she doesn’t want to do anything but kiss the fiery redhead silly. Can she fulfil the prophecy, or will the threat of a war brewing ruin everything? This story was originally publishes as Lughnasadh Elite Academy, the books are the same, they're just conveniently collected in one place now.