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Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride



Author : Beck & Hallman Books

Publisher : Radish


Ivy Young is doing everything she can to keep it together. Forced into an arranged marriage by her cruel parents she knows she has to escape. Escaping the church is easy, but figuring out where to go from there is impossible. And then she runs into him, a ruggedly handsome man with eyes that pierce her soul. Instantly, she’s drawn to him. Bishop Williams is a bad boy with tattoos and a history of being a player. He doesn’t believe in love—until he helps a runaway bride escape her parents and soon-to-be groom. One look, and he knows he can’t just leave her there. One taste, and he’s head over heels. Neither of them have ever been in love. Not until now, but happily ever afters are hard earned, and with Ivy’s parents searching for her, theirs may not get a chance to bloom. Will this runaway bride finally find true love? A runaway bride looking for love, and a bad boy who doesn’t believe in it, what happens when the two clash? Oh, you bet your bottom this one’s good. Sticky, insta-love, with a dose of alpha—you won’t want to stop reading once you start.