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Running Into Mr. Billionaire

Running Into Mr. Billionaire



Author : FreedomHasan

Publisher : Radish


Running Into Mr. Billionaire Rose Kelley. A 23-year old, beautiful, innocent and a sweet girl with a messed up past that follows her wherever she goes. Her mother died when she was only 16 leaving her under her new abusive stepfathers care. Rose used to believe in love but after her crazy ex and abusive father came into her life things changed for the better and worst. Damon William. A 26-year old, cold-hearted, handsome and an arrogant man who is the CEO of the Blackwoods company and a billionaire. Damon doesn't believe in love due to a tragic past with his parents, however he is a big player and won't give any woman a second glance. What will happen when Rose comes running into Damon's life? Will she be able to change him and break down his walls? And will Damon help her move on from her past and make her look forward into life? Find out in Running Into Mr. Billionaire