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Ruthless Financier

Ruthless Financier



Author : Victoria

Publisher : Radish


Work weekend in Vegas. It was great until I was mistaken for a call girl. I’m in a business suit and my buttons are to my neck. And the guy… turns out he’s Jacob. My actual client. Except I’m on team #ReformtheBadBoy. It’s why I was hired. Now I had to convince Jacob my well thought out ad plan was what he needed. But he believes he knows best and a good wife will solve all his problems. And the worst part, he offered me the job. I should probably say no, but his kisses are electrifying and the paycheck he offers will make my own dreams come true. Besides a walk on the wild side was probably way overdue for me. I've never wanted to be a #Bride or #Wife, but with Jacob, the offer of a ring, a ring, and how Jacob sees through me... I'm starting to believe in happily-ever-after. However our agreement is a business deal. This isn’t a kiss and fade to black knowing we're destined to be together where we dated and he proposed. So Jacob can set my soul on fire when he’s unintentionally charming. I need to be smart. Do I cut and run or do I stay and find out what happens next? Because honestly I never expected any of it.