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Satisfying Sophie

Satisfying Sophie



Author : GGTBooks

Publisher : Radish


Another boyfriend gone. Dumped (once again) over the lack of a quality, or even existent, sex life, Sophie Jensen is feeling the strain of failed romances. This latest breakup is the most poignant one of all. It sparks something in her roommates Sam Houston and Jordan Cooper, inspiring them to help her past this current sting of rejection—and causing her sexy-as-hell besties to instigate a subtle seduction that has Sophie falling under their spell and finally letting go of her deep-seated inhibitions. But what happens when her mad-crush on Sam deepens and the time comes for Sophie to face the real reasons behind the intimacy issues that have held her back for so long? Having given up on finding true love eons ago, is it possible her prince has been living under the same roof with her all this time?