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Author : Christine Bell

Publisher : Radish


Bee Mitchell hates football players, and Callum Samskevitch, the hottest wide receiver on campus, is no exception. Not even when Bee's professor assigns her to be Cal's physical therapist and she has to touch that hard body three days a week. Even though helping Cal would boost her resume, Bee can’t separate football players from the memories of her lying and cheating father. She works too hard to be dragged down by a stupid jock. The physical therapy sessions would be fine, tolerable even, if only Cal weren’t so sexy… Cal can’t stand being injured, especially not when he’s trying to get recruited by a pro-football team. He needs to refocus on the game and not have any more distractions—including injuries, ex-girlfriends, or otherwise. So why can’t he stop thinking about Bee Mitchell and imagining what the clumsy wallflower is hiding beneath those baggy sweatshirts?