Scorpion Trap, Soul Eater #4 Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Scorpion Trap, Soul Eater #4

Scorpion Trap, Soul Eater #4



Author : PippaDaCosta

Publisher : Radish


Given a choice, I’d prefer never to return to Egypt. Isis doesn’t do choices.” The old world is dead. Legend tells us the gods are myths. But some remain, like a noose around Ace Dante’s neck. And none are more dangerous than Isis. She demands the Soul Eater return to the land time forgot, break into a newly discovered tomb, and retrieve the skull from the sarcophagus inside. If Ace does this one thing, Isis will reveal the secrets he desperately seeks. Ace knows there’s a catch, there always is, but the truth is far worse than even he can imagine. As Isis’s true intentions unravel, so does Ace’s past, leaving him no choice at all. History is wrong. The past is a lie. And for the Soul Eater, the truth found in Egypt is far more terrifying than any god. Soul Eater series reading order: Hidden Blade, #1 Witches' Bane, #2 See No Evil, #3 Scorpion Trap, #4 Serpent's Game, #5 Edge of Forever, #6