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Seduced in Paradise

Seduced in Paradise



Author : Shayla Black

Publisher : Radish


I’m not sure how far I'll go to make her mine—but I’m about to find out. I’m Maxon Reed—real estate mogul, shark, asshole. The only thing standing between me and my ultimate success is my bastard of a brother, Griff. I’ll need one hell of a devious ploy to distract him. Then fate drops a luscious redhead in my lap who’s just his type. Sassy college senior Keeley Kent accepts my challenge to learn how to become Griff’s perfect girlfriend. But somewhere between the makeover and the witty conversation, I’m having trouble resisting her. The quirky dreamer is everything I usually don’t tolerate. But she’s beyond charming. And I want her to be mine. This series was formerly titled MORE THAN WORDS.