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Sexiest Man Alive

Sexiest Man Alive



Author : RomanceAuthorMarie

Publisher : Radish


Tyger Breanna Loveland thinks she has everything under control until she meets the incredibly sexy, Brad Montgomery. She has organized her quiet, non-complicated life with a good paying job, comfortable apartment, and a boyfriend who’s been with her for five years, but when she meets Brad, she feels the full effect of his knee-buckling smile. The girls at work have labeled him the Sexiest Man Alive, and so far Breanna has no reason to question. However, when her chest bursts with promise and visions of an exciting life fills her head, she can’t help but doubt her own boyfriend. Yet, Brad is a drifter, moving from one woman to the next—going from one town to the other—without a care in the world, and living off his billionaire father’s money. She needs stability, and only her boyfriend can give her that. Against her control, her heart wants Brad. Now she needs to find a way to protect her heart because loving Brad will definitely damage her heart.