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Author : GGTBooks

Publisher : Radish


Cassidy Reynolds' rules are simple. Rule #1: Don't get drunk at the corporate Christmas party. Rule #2: Don’t fall for the smoldering gazes of the office super-hunk, Chase the corporate Christmas party. Rule #3: Oh... Come on... It’s already too late for Rule #3... Cassidy Reynolds is neither interested in casual flings nor in setting the water-cooler grapevine on fire. She’s a good-girl with her nose to the grindstone as she moves up the corporate ladder. But flirting with her seems to be one of Chase Logan’s favorite pastimes. And he’s really good at it. Chase is out to prove there’s much more between him and Cassidy than sizzling chemistry. From their first electrifying kiss, they're both hooked. But this sexy-hot office romance is in jeopardy as a prestigious promotion they’re both vying for hangs in the balance... With stakes this high, can they really afford to mix business with pleasure?