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Shaedes of Gray

Shaedes of Gray



Author : NYLA

Publisher : Radish


Darian exists in a realm of darkness. Made and abandoned over a century ago, she is a Shaede, virtually immortal and able to blend with the shadows once the sun sets. An assassin, she spends her nights meting out death for the highest bidder. She’s alone in the world, the last of her kind—or so she thinks. When her infatuated employer, Tyler, sends her out on a routine hit, Darian discovers her mark is not only another Shaede, but Alexander Peck, King of the Shaede Nation. Her not-so-chance meeting with Alexander takes her deep into the realm of who—and what—she really is. Only when she puts her life in his hands does the supernatural world unfold around her, revealing that she is not as alone as she once thought. But once she crosses into their dark realm to face the truth, new dangers are uncovered. As her role in awakening an ancient evil is revealed, she must face who she was, who she is, and what she could become… "It is always a pleasure to discover an excellent new author and series, and Bonilla qualifies on both counts. The debut of her Shaede Assassin series features a tough yet compelling heroine. Full of fascinating characters, high stakes intrigue, and fast-paced action, it's a truly exhilarating adventure! Do not miss out!”—Romantic Times (top pick 4-1/2 stars) “One of my favorite new series . . . [and] one of my new favorite heroines of 2011.”—Heroes and Heartbreakers